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Stop Shootin’ Music Inc.

Violence is a public health epidemic that touches the lives of all Americans. Every year thousands of families, friends, schools, and communities are devastated by violence. Everyone has the right to be free of violence in homes, schools, and workplaces, and on the streets. People of all races, classes and ages and in all communities suffer from violence. Violence must be addressed as a health, safety, social, and economic problem.The epidemic proportions of violence require a public health approach of education and prevention, including addressing the availability of handguns, assault weapons, and ammunition. Stop Shootin' Music Inc. Is a non-profit community based organization that uses music as a conduit to assist in reversing the trend of senseless gun violence in our inner cities by advocating peace amongst street organizations and our youth. Our goal is to promote programs and events that are focused on providing young people with education, cultural and economic alternatives to crime. Stop Shootin' Music Inc. also serves as a support system for individuals and organizations who share our own values and beliefs, all in order to achieve mutually desired goal, thereby maximizing our efforts to constructively function together for the ultimate good of the entire community.

Recruitment Plan

Stop Shootin' Music Inc. will use the opportunity to raise awareness throughout the entire community for children, teens and adults. The spreading epidemic of violence is a menace to us all, and that combating it requires each of us to take a stand. We seek to utilize religious and academic institution in conjunction with governmental and non -governmental agencies to connect with the participants. Participants will be identified for the program using systematic selection procedures, approved by the project planners. These strategies for participation will be viewed collectively by Stop Shootin’ Music Inc. and Newark Community Solution. The outreach coordinator will collaborate with the Newark Community Solutions in providing names of individuals that have been recruited for an intake screening.

Stop Shootin’ Music Plans

Religious Community Reach out to all local churches and Mosques and begin to bridge the gap between the religious community and the community at large. We ask churches to allow us to come and speak to their congregations and possibly use some of their resources to assist grassroots organizations like ours. Identify 5 Churches and reach out to their Pastors to see how there can be collaboration with them and how they can assist us with resources. Government and Law Enforcement Collaborate with our city government and police department for recruitment and partnership. Will also sponsor forums where the community and the members of law enforcement can come together and discuss issues in an organized, respectful way. Educational Institutions Coordinate activities with Newark Public Schools, Charter Schools as well as local Colleges and Universities. As part of our public information campaign we will visit a majority of the schools in our area to educate students about the dangers of senseless gun violence. Business Community Plan to make strategic collaborations and partnerships with organizations and businesses in our community who have the same goals and mission as we do. We’re currently seeking business professionals to become mentors to the young people and volunteer their services to us. Identify local businesses each month to reach out to in order to gain partnerships for our programs and events, to hire at-risk youth and ex-offenders, and to encourage their employees to become mentors.

Outreach Strategy:

Stop Shootin’ Music Inc. will oversee: Educational services to individuals and the community involved in group and/or gang activity. Advocate on behalf of youth involved in gang related activity or at-high risk in navigating employment opportunities. Assisting with job placements and job readiness. Need to discuss how mentoring will happen, connecting with other partners in the community. Provide victim support services by implementing a post shooting response of reaching out to the loved ones of the victim by making calls and send written condolences to the families of the victims. Stop Shootin’ Music Inc. will coordinate with Newark Community Solutions for connecting the family to grief counseling sessions and mediation services. Through a 12-week comprehensive curriculum participants will learn alternative ways to live. This curriculum is designed so that at its completion every participant will have a more positive outlook on life, with stronger and healthier life skills as well as improved communication skills both oral & written that will allow them to achieve in life. We want each participant to have an opportunity to take it to the next level by identifying their passions and careers goals through mentoring and hands on activities. We strongly believe as a community we will only go as far as we take each other and we, at Stop Shootin’ Music Inc., are extremely dedicated to this mission of redirecting our youth and families towards positive and stable futures.

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